This is Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF)

Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF) is an organisation for cooperation between motor insurance companies in Sweden. We play a central role in the Swedish motor insurance system.

The main task of TFF:

We levy a statutory charge (motor insurance charge) on people who do not have motor third party liability insurance for their motor vehicle or vehicles.

By law, motor vehicle owners must have motor third party liability insurance cover from the first day of ownership. The insurance compensates any loss or injury that is caused on the road. A person who does not insure their vehicle is obliged to pay a motor insurance charge to TFF. The charge is much higher than a normal insurance premium and is levied for each day the vehicle is not insured. If the vehicle is temporarily or permanently deregistered no motor third party liability insurance is necessary.

We compensate people who have been injured or had property destroyed by an unknown, uninsured or foreign vehicle.

If an uninsured vehicle causes damage there is no insurance company that can pay out compensation. That is when TFF helps out. The money we receive from the motor insurance charge contributes to compensating people suffering injury or damage to property by an uninsured vehicle.

Despite a legal requirement for motor third party liability insurance there are about 50,000 uninsured vehicles in Sweden. They cause injury and damage to people and property for several hundred million kronor per year. One of our tasks is to reduce the percentage of uninsured vehicles in the country.

We safeguard Swedish interests in international motor insurance cooperation in the Green Card system and other organisations.

We also operate at European level. Here it is a matter of facilitating for people travelling abroad who meet with a road accident. The European cooperation means, for example, that motor third party liability insurance applies over national borders and that a person suffering injury or damage from a foreign vehicle is guaranteed compensation.

Another task of TFF concerns reducing the percentage of uninsured vehicles in the country.